One-Person Band

Begin by making one slowly repetitive sound (e.g. Stomp your right foot on the ground) and one by one add a new sound to your rhythm. The challenge is to add as many unique sounds as possible to your music. Share your performance with a friend.

To all of our DCA participants, we wish to thank you for your continue patronage and wish you all the best in your creative pursuits. This is officially our last DCA email! Be on the lookout for DCA in a newer format in the near future. Thank you, The Beanstalk Project.

Eyebrow Conversation

Have a conversation with a friend where both of you use only your eyebrows to express your message. You may not be able to understand the other’s message, but you can notice how you respond to your friend, and how your friend responds back to you. How many different “gestures” can you create with just your eyebrows?


Spend a few minutes calculating your age not in years, but rather in days. Compare your day age to your friend’s. For an additional challenge, find out your hour-age, and minute-age.

Summer Charades

With a friend act out a few summer scenes in silence. See if your friend can guess what scene you’re portraying. Can you stump her/him?

Shady Design

Spend a few minutes designing a unique pair of sunglasses. What shape are they? What material are they made of? Do they have any special capabilities? Sketch your designs, or describe them to a friend.

Brainsprout – Moon Songs

Spend 5 minutes Brainsprouting a list of songs that mention the moon. Aim for 50 or more! Remember to aim for quantity, be silly, avoid judging, and build on others’ ideas.

Weight Shifting

For a two-minute period see if you can shift your weight around your body, so that you are constantly supporting yourself upright in different ways. For example, you may start on one leg, switch to the other, then lean backward on a desk with your elbow, then use your knee somehow… Share some of your weight shifting ideas with a friend.